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Please e-mail Info-0707@maggiesrags.com to contact us for any of the following:
- Questions about our patterns
- Questions about our knitting classes
- Send information on our patterns to your local store
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Please note that, while Maggie will, as a courtesy, try to help you if you don't understand someone else's pattern, she is probably not familiar with it and doesn't have time to read and edit other people's patterns unless they hire her to do so. First priority is always given to customers who have purchased patterns from Maggie's Rags. Many free patterns available over the Internet are not well thought out, well written or thoroughly tested. To improve your chances of success, reduce your frustration and increase your knitting pleasure, purchase patterns written by experienced knitting designers.

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Write to:
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Please note that the best way to reach Maggie's Rags is by e-mail. For wholesale inquiries, orders, and to report problems with patterns from Maggie's Rags, we will accept telephone calls to 540-961-1755. Maggie's Rags no longer has a toll free number.
For all other inquiries, please use e-mail or U.S. mail.

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